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So you’ve retired but you find yourself either needing more money or just plain bored. Well the good news is that there is life after you retire in the form of a senior retirement job. Here are some of our senior citizen job recommendations. We’re sure that you can turn up some additional jobs you may qualify for if you search the web.

Article Writing

If you can write, you can work. There are a variety of online job opportunities out there that a senior can take advantage of. One of the best is through article writing. It’s a pretty simple concept. Companies and individuals are pretty desperate for content to use for websites and are willing to pay people like yourself to write it.  Now don’t worry if you don’t have an English degree  or anything — you DON’T have to be an amazing writer. You simply need to be able to write fluent English and be able to do some simple research for topics so you can write on them. It’s pretty easy and it’s possible to make a part or even full time income online just doing this. I recommend as the best place to start. The company will line you up with a writing gig and all you have to do is just write!


Like the idea of working at home? Some telemarketing jobs are possible to do from the comfort of your own home. Work your own hours on a flexible schedule. Telemarketing requires a thick skin on your part, however.

Filling Out Surveys

There are a lot of scams online, but one way to make some legit part time income is to fill out surveys online. The way it works is you sign up with a company that will pay you to fill out online surveys. If you spend a good amount of time filling surveys out, you can make a decent part time income. It make not be your dream job, but it’s work from home (as long as you have a computer and internet) and legit.

Data Entry

It’s possible to work some type of data entry jobs. In fact, there are even some data entry jobs that you can do from home using only the internet. Look online for some work at home jobs to get more information. It must be pointed out that you need to watch for scams when looking for work at home jobs, however.

Make Money Online

Can you make money online? The answer is, yes. There are a number of ways. You can set yourself up to write content for other people – there’s a huge demand for content for websites. You might also look at creating websites of your own. Or, if you have some time, you might look at getting into web design. The truth is that there are a lot of online opportunities you can seek out if you look for them. The key is to not to be afraid of trying new things when it comes to looking for a different sort of job. There’s a wack of scams online so I’m loathe to provide specific recommendations.

Retail Industry

If you visit any grocery store, you might be surprised at how many senior  citizens you find working. Retails jobs – especially retail food outlets – are a great place for seniors to pick up some extra cash. The hours are flexible and some of the jobs are relaxing, such as working in a  grocery store. You might want to avoid the faster paced fast food jobs.


Many seniors have set themselves up with part time gardening jobs. These jobs are a great way to get outdoors and get a bit of exercise. If you happen to like gardening, even better!

The retirement job you can get is only limited by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to explore new and unique opportunities out there. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t work as a senior – it’s simply not true.

4 thoughts on “Senior Jobs

  1. cindy williams

    I am 60 now and would love to find a part time job that will allow me to get out of where I am and be semi on my own,but because I had to go on disability in my late 40’s my monthly pay is not a lot.I do have diabetes.Now this makes it hard to be hired by alot of employers .So what do you do?I am also on medicaid and while I live where I am my link consist of $16.00 a month. After all my bills and med co pays I have $100.00 dollors left my utility and necessities.I have a problem.I want to be safe and not be afraid to be in my own place.I don’t like bugs.Do I have to give up one for another because of my lack of funds,or is there someone who cane help.This is what I’m looking help for.

  2. Montere Gillmer

    I’d like something in the health home care. I can do lite house work cook lite meals. Keep them company. Take them shopping.

  3. cathy

    my work hrs have been cut back to 24 hrs for 6 days straight
    I’m not going to make my rent next month,I am a senior and just need help.. i have no food and might be living on the streets.Its hot in Arizona..

  4. Raymond Gagnon

    I am 79 yrs old & in good health, Retired 19 yrs from Fords and would like to find something in the Telemarketing field relating to Seniors, No SCAMS please.
    Thank You

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