Senior Assistance

Living as a senior citizen is not easy. It’s never been easy but these days its even worse. It can be terrifying when you are on a fixed income without a reliable way of getting more money. It’s no surprise that many seniors are seeking some form of senior assistance.

The good news is that there are some assistance programs available for seniors. The next post I will discuss some of the specific senior assistance programs that are currently available in the United States and Canada.

Assistance can be classified into a few different categories. You can get some sort of monetary assistance. This can take the form of some sort of welfare program, loan, grant, or even a scholarship. Monetary assistance can be either a gift (grant) which will not require repayment or some sort of loan which does require payment in time.

There are also other assistance programs that aim to help people help themselves. These programs are often the best in the long run because they aim to give people the skills and ability to fix their own problems in the long run. Such assistance might be available in the form of schooling to teach job-ready skills or even direct job assistance programs that help people find jobs.

If you want to get help as a senior, you are going to have to look at all the assistance programs available and decide which is best for your needs.

The economy has forced many seniors to come out of retirement and start working again. Indeed, this may be the right choice for you. While the thought of another 10 years of work might scare more than a few seniors, such a thing should be considered if you are a fairly young senior. If you are in your 60’s, it is possible that you can still get a job. There are job training programs for seniors that can assistance seniors to get jobs. There are also agencies that can directly find temporary work for people looking for that work.

If you are too old to work (in your late 70, 80’s or you have health problems) then working another few years to restore your 401k might not be possible. You might want to look to see what sort of welfare or senior financial assistance programs you can look at.

You also want to look at controlling your budget. If you tinker with the way you live, you might be able to spend less money and thereby avoid having to work.

7 thoughts on “Senior Assistance

  1. Lois Gress

    I am 80 and I live on Social Security. I was getting along ok until my 60 yr old son and my granddaughter moved in with me. He lost his job 3 years ago. She works but since her hours have been cut so many times her paycheck is only enough to make her car payment.
    It is becoming a little tough to support 3 people on the income I get which is 1236.00 S.S. and about 100.
    dividends. Also 350.00 from my son until his money runs out which I am sure will be soon.
    Is there anyway I can get some help.?

  2. Sharlene Justus

    I am tired of reading that there are programs available to help seniors with their housing needs. I am retired and have been taking care of my mother, but now my 401K will not be providing any additional funds, and we are stuck trying to live on my Social Security. I need to know specifically what the programs are and how we can access them, for her especially.

  3. Hiawatha Mickens-bey

    I just retired now i need some assitance with rent i need a grant to start my business

  4. Jim Eppard

    Everyone says there are programs that will help you with your living expenses. Not true. I just turned 69 on August 29th and I am about to loose my apartment and put out on the streets. I get just $825 a month and that’s it flat out. My rent has more then doubled sense the leased land was sold out from under the building owners, Now the new owners want to double the rents to make back the money they spent on the land. Now I’ about to be put on the streets because I can’t afford the new rents and can’t seem to find any help for just the basic once the get that $5,000.00 to pay for the back rent and the deposit I’ll be able to handle the rent with a little help a friend, but he dose not have that much money.

  5. Janice

    I am a senior in NC. I am having trouble with the property tax office for my county. I have showed them that my property is being over taxed. They won’t listen. When I tried to ask questions I was accused of being rude to them. Does anyone have an idea who I can contact to get my property taxes where they should be? I am a disabled senior and I don’t know where to go for help.


    Im 56 years old but i really need help,in my rent and bills, i was working full timebut the job cut my hrs back so far,i cant even make my rent or pay my bills. im a senior trying to make it in life..please help me, send me some information about how i go about getting my rent paid and bills….need help bad…thank you

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