Jobs for Seniors

Looking for work as a senior? You are certainly not alone. Over the past couple years, millions of senior citizens have been forced to seek out part time jobs to supplement their retirement income.

The truth is that it’s not easy to get a job these days, for anyone. You may have heard that as a senior citizen, you face an uphill battle to get a job. This is a world where youth, not age, is rewarded. Many hiring managers are hesitant to hire the elderly, for fear of potential health problems that may reduce productivity.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a job for seniors. However, you are going to have to explore the different options out there to make it work. This article will give you a list – and not a comprehensive list by any means – with some of the potential jobs you can work as a senior citizen.

Work From Home Jobs for Seniors

The work at home market is popular these days. In fact, when people can’t find regular work, they often turn online to see what sort of jobs they can round up. There are a lot of job opportunities online that you can indeed seek out. But you do need to be careful. There are a lot of work at home scams out there that take advantage of desperate people. So make sure you do research about any specific work from home job before you commit to it! Here are some of the following work from home jobs you might look at:

  • Data Entry – You are responsible for entering data into spreadsheets or other data software programs
  • Website Development – It’s never too late to learn how to design websites. For qualified individuals, there are quite a few opportunities.
  • Programmer – If you have programming experience in the past, there are plenty of programming opportunities to work from home as a senior. You might want to check out You can bid on projects online and work from home too!

Article Writer – With more and more websites being developed each day, there is a keen demand for content. Whether it’s niche related content that people need for some websites they are developing or highly specialized topics that you have an interest or education about, there is a demand for writing. Typically, most people charge 3-5 dollars per article. For high quality, specialized articles, people are willing to pay anywhere from 20-100 dollars per article!

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Retail Industry Jobs

It’s possible to work as a senior in the retail industry. Note that some of these jobs can be more physically intensive – you may be required to stock store shelves for example. If you think you can handle money all day long, you may want to consider some type of cashier position. Retail jobs pay low, typically a bit above minimum wage. However, if you are a senior on a fixed income, then even just a bit of extra cash can make a difference.


If you are good with words and you have a thick skin, you might want to try your luck as a telemarketer. Telemarketing firms are always recruiting people who are willing to do this job. You can search for telemarketing positions online.

The next question you might have is how to actually get a job. If you pursue a job where you work for a company, you are going to need to have a resume set up. You should visit a dedicated job site like to find out how to do so.

If you are looking for senior jobs, you might want to try a specific site that’s geared just for senior jobs. One such site is

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