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If you are not sure what to do when it comes to old age, you are not the only one. It can be a challenge being old, but there are some things you can do to make your old age more bearable. Probably the number one thing of concern for seniors is money. With the terrible thrashing the economy took recently, it’s not wonder there is so much fear. Fortunately, there is financial help for seniors.

Getting old is a common fear, but there is nothing to be afraid of if you do some solid planning. Retirement can be something you can enjoy with proper planning. Now, if you are already retired and suffering financially, there are some options out there.

Senior Loans

It’s possible that you can take out some sort of loan as a senior citizen. Typically, you will need some assents to secure a loan. There are two types of loans: secured and unsecured loans. An unsecured loan is a loan that does not require any sort of collateral to be held against the loan. A secured loan is backed up by something tangible – a house, car, property, etc.

As a senior who has a home, you can consider getting a home equity loan. That is, you can take out a loan against the equity of your home. This will give you extra money to do things you want.

A very popular option for seniors who need money is to take out a reverse mortgage. Basically, the bank will pay you for the equity in your home; you get the value of the equity in cash and the bank gets your home’s equity. You can continue living in your home. This is a great way to get that extra cash to enjoy your life with. A reverse mortage, in the right circumstance, can really make your golden years “golden.”

Senior Citizen Grants

There are grants out there offered by both the government and private organizations that can help you get financial assistance. For example, you can get education grants for senior citizens, housing grants for senior citizens, medical grants for senior citizens, etc. When looking for grants, it’s important to look at both the government sector and the private sector. If you are looking for government grants for seniors, you can start by looking at the official government webpage. Private senior grants can be found by doing a comprehensive search online.

The key to getting a grant is persistence. You will need to apply for as many grants as possible. If you are a senior and find yourself unable to apply for grants, you will need to find a family member or relative to apply for grants for you. There is free money for you out there, it’s just a matter of getting it.

Charities/Social Organizations

If you are looking for help for seniors, there are charities and social organizations out there that can be of assistance. These organizations often have food, clothing, and peer support available for seniors. You can find these programs by doing a search online.

If you are struggling as a senior, the important thing to note is that there is indeed help out there for you – it’s simply a matter of reaching out for that help. The government through housing assistance programs, grants, and welfare can give you needed assistance. But don’t forget to look at private organizations as a source of financial help as well.

3 thoughts on “Help for Seniors

  1. Donald R. Knight

    I am a 74 yr old male, living alone, unable to work, because of a stroke suffered in1997. My only income is S ocial Security. Because of increases in cost of food, utilities, gasoline and other everyday necessities plus taxes and insurance including medical, life, home-owners, etc., I am unable to meet my monthly obligations and am sinking deeper and deeper into the hole. I desparately need someone to provide me some guidance and direction in my effort to find some assistance of any kind. Thank You. Donald R. Knight Phone # 850 252 0800.

  2. Brinda Dancy

    I power of attorney for my sister, Mirian Taylor who is a Alzheimers patient at the Heritage Inn Nursing Home in Sandersville, GA. We applied for Medicaid in September, 2009 when she moved to the nursing. Her application was not approved until January, 2010. Her coverage started in December, 2009. The balance for September, October, and November is 10,648. Is there any way I can find assistance in paying this balance? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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