Grants for Senior Citizens

Grants for senior citizens is very good source for funds for groups, non-profit organizations, and individuals who need money to help with the special needs of a senior citizen.

Financial Help for Seniors Through Grant Programs

It’s true that the federal government offers a variety of funds to those who will implement an activity that’s approved of by the federal law. There are more than 25 federal agencies that provide upwards of 100 grants each year in a variety of different areas. Some of these grants are designed just to help the senior citizen.

There are also many large corporations, charities, and private foundations that give out cash prizes to help support well-regarded activities. From the more than 70k foundations in the USA, there have been given out a total of 40 billion dollars in grant funding in just 2007 alone.

A grant can be given out for specific purposes or the grant can be what’s called an unrestricted grant – the funds can be used for practically any purpose by the organization on the receiving end.

Grants for Senior Citizens

For the senior, here are a number of different types of grants that you can apply for. There are grants to help a senior meet nutrition, housing, and even education needs. There are also private foundations that do provide specialized grants to non-profit organizations that work with seniors, helping to support and promote health, affordable housing, education, and nutrition among seniors.

There are, unfortunately, only a few grants that are given directly to an individual who needs money. No matter what sort of commercial that advertizes senior citizen grants or what sort of online website you find that promotes senior citizen grants, there is not some massive, mysterious bank that’s brimming with free money which every senior citizen needing food, medical, or monetary help can tap. Most individuals who need assistance will need to work with specific government grant-funded agencies and organizations to get access to this free help.

Federal Grants

Some of the more popular (and legit) federal grants include:

  • Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities – this provides the money for seniors to meet their transportation needs where public transportation is not readily available.
  • The Foster grandparent Program – this grant is designed to help promote volunteer service with over 60 persons.
  • Mortgage Insurance Rental housing for the elderly – helps to provide housing for seniors. This is funded by mortgage insurers.
  • Nutritional Services Incentive Program – gives state agencies access to a number of programs to help deliver meals to aging ethnic groups (Native American primarily)


Foundations are small organizations that do provide assistance to the needy, usually educational, health, and housing. You can find a list of foundations here.

Virtually anyone can apply for a specific grant for senior citizens. Some people who do qualify for this type of grant can include:

  • Non Profit Organizations
  • A government agency
  • Private or Public Schools
  • Small Business
  • Individuals

The application process is first started by the written grant proposal. This proposal must be towards the organization that is offering the senior citizen grant. The basic purpose of the proposal is to present a convincing case for why you actually need the grant. You are going to need to describe in every detail how you are going to use the fund. It’s important for you to first:

  1. Do Research – You should understand the purpose of the grant, what the grant is ultimately designed to accomplish, and any sort of procedures you must follow as well of a list of the required forms, and supplementary documents you might be required to send in. You also want to look at the deadline too.
  2. Justify Your Reasons for the Grants – Despite what you read online from grant websites, grantors are not just tossing out money for free. You are going to have to prove that there is going to be a tangible benefit to the community or the target audience that the grant aims to help, either yourself or the people your organization is trying to help
  3. Demonstrate Results that can be proved – you are going to need to provide some concrete assessment of how the grant is actually helping, usually after a agreed upon period of time.
  4. Learn to Write a Proper Grant Proposal—You should do your research for how to do this. There are plenty of online websites that give grant-writing tips. There are also plenty of books you can find in your library that will help you with this.

Tips on Writing a Senior Citizen Grant Proposal

Make sure you keep in steady contact with the organizations that give out the grants

Follow the application instructions very carefully so you complete the application correctly

  1. Aim for an easy-to-read, simply grant proposal
  2. Keep each paragraph short and specific to your goals
  3. Be sure to include the overall goals of your grant objective
  4. The beginning of your proposal should include a basic summer of your needs and your overall plan
  5. Include a detailed budget plain in your proposal
  6. Include information about how you will decide whether the grant program was a success or not
  7. Be sure to talk about what you will do after the grant funds are depleted

And Finally…Watch out for Grant SCAMS

It’s important that you watch out for grant scams. There are plenty of websites that will offer to give you a grant, but charge you 20 to 100 dollars for the application fees and to help with the proposal. If these companies don’t just take your money outright and return nothing, you may only end up with a simple list of grant programs and addresses.

9 thoughts on “Grants for Senior Citizens

  1. frank l

    I want to start a business for seniors, making and selling custom bird houses and feeders. I have designed 20 good sellers. Seniors work sales and building this could be a $30,000 to $300,000 a year on a small scale. Start up costs $25.000. Im a low income senior. Could someone tell me of a possible grant. God Bless e-mail

  2. Wayne Dunlap

    I am 72 years old and have non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I am trying to live on my social security income but cant’ make it cover my expenses. I need $1,800 per moth to make my income cover my expenses. I am on the verge of losing my car, and my home as well as my supplemental insurance which I need to cover my cancer treatments. I need help and don’t know where to turn.

    I am willing to work to pay for the money I get if it is not physical labor as I am not up to that.

    Wayne Dunlap

  3. Bonnie Blaska

    I need a grant to repair/replace the well, well lines, drain pipes (leaking under sink), water heater (water smells terrible and turns everything black), need filter put in water lines (can’t afford water softener), tub needs replaced-old and faucets are frozen and I need one I can get in and out of without having high sides, floor in bath and kitchen need replaced. Had bad ice storm and no power for almost a week and damage started showing up gradually. I am recovering from surgery and have a 5# weight limit so heating water and hauling it to do things is really difficult and very time consuming. I am 65, medically disabled but trying to find some work I can do so I can get some of the bills off my back. When Mom passed I got 2 mtgs, a loan payment, medical and funeral bills, other bills that have been coming since I went through probate plus credit card bills from when Mom was ill. I exist on $690 a month so I can’t pay everything on time and I can’t afford all this plumbing expense. Can anyone help me find a reliable website where I can find help?

  4. Georgia Pendarvis

    I am 71 years old. I have had heart surgery about 3 years ago. I am a diabete and have high blood pressure. I do the best I can with living on my social security, but it just enough to keep my utility bills paid get my medication and a little grocery in my home. I’m in much need of some home repairs, Is there any assistance that you could provide for me.

    Georgia Pendarvis

  5. glenn myatt

    my wife is 50 years old and on disability for the last 20 years with multiple schlerosis, i am 56 and in the last year have had 2 heart stents, 2knee operations and arthritis so bad in my feet i will have to go on disability in the next 6 months, we are 8 years into a mrtgage and obviously will not be able to make the payments on disability and will lose the house then.
    we are the only children left in our family lines and when we die everything we own will go to the state.
    we are looking for some kind of financial assistance with our mortgage that will let us live there until we die in return for recieving our house and all assets we would have at the time of our death. please let us know of anything that might be able to assist us.

    thank you glenn and cindy myatt
    cell 714-404-7783

  6. Pam Fowler

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  7. Raymond Dolande

    I am 76 years old my wife is 74 yrears we are on social security,we can make the rent,we are in the verge to homeless by the end of the month,we are behind i our bills,my 2000 model car need repairs,need tires,the registration expires at the end of the month,we just dont have the money to cover this expenses we need it for drs appointments,pickup medications at the drugstore,buying grocceries. We would like to get a grant. Please let us know if we can get any help. thank you..Raymond and Patricia Dolande

  8. leonard gustafsson

    i am 68 and living on ssi and i am about to have my power shut off by the electric company and i need 61.00 dollars to pay it by 7/22/13 so is ther any assit out there to help me to pay it or any grants if any one has info on this could you pass it along to me i will be so greatful. thank you for reading this and hope i get some help from this. i cant aforrd to put gas in my car my cable had to do away with cant aforrd it so you see i am having a tough time
    if they shut my power off it will be devasting for me in this hot weather. if anyone has and info that will help me please let me know.

    thank you

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