Financial Help for Senior Citizens

Are you a senior citizen who needs finanical help? You are certainly not alone. The recent economic problems have destroyed more than one 401k. Seniors who thought they were comfortable before are now finding it exceedingly difficult to pay the bills because of a shrinking income. What can you do if you find yourself in a situation where you simply don’t have enough money to pay the bills? Well there are finanical help for senior citizen programs that you can avail yourself of.

The best way to get financial help for senior citizens is to spend some time looking for the help online. There are different sources of aid that you can avail yourself of. You might, for instance, look at applying for the federal welfare program. This program is to enable people who don’t have enough money to survive a means to survive. Welfare is not a long terms solution, so it’s best not to think of it as a solution but more like an emergency solution.

You can look at getting help for seniors from the numerous private non-profit organizations out there. You might be able to get free clothing, food, and other basic necessities. Some organizations may even offer some sort of financial aid as well.

The government does have a few housing subsidy programs that you might try applying for if you are renting a home. A housing subsidy is basically where the government agrees to pay for part of your rent, provided that you qualify for the subsidy. You will need to show the government you have a great deal of need and these programs tend to be very competitive due to the sheer amount of people who apply.

If all else fails, you may need to consider going back to school. There are quite a few jobs for seniors that you can find. It’s a myth that seniors can’t get jobs — there are jobs to be had. It’s a good idea to search online to see what jobs for seniors you can find out about.

So if you are a senior citizen looking for some finanical help, there is help available — you are just going to have to spend the time looking for it. Whatever you do, don’t panic if you find you don’t have enough money to stay ahead of your bills. You can modify your budget and seek to get the help you need online.

8 thoughts on “Financial Help for Senior Citizens

  1. Roland &Wanda Schmitz

    I am in a panic…my husband has stage four colon cancer..the dr bills …hosp bills…and his meds for pain…etc…is hurting us…I got took on a website saying to send them ten dollars a script and I would get his meds free………they deny it….and my money is never to be returned…we need help on our alabama power co bill….food…dr bill….hosp bill…meds…food….pls help us

    My fake email addy is


    My Wife and I are Senior Citizens and on a fixed income.(Social Security) We need financial help! PLEASE HELP US! Thanks! Don

  3. charlesetta ward

    I utilies have been turned off as of 7/19/12 bill being 6,500 and i have no monie at all my morgage was paid for july i have several health issues I need help I rec social security and work a part-time job just not enough ,please help or advise.

  4. charlesetta .ward+

    my utilities were shout off as of 07/19/12 @3pm i have no means to pay the billl at all i rec social security and work a part-time job,not enough ,have several health issues that are being delt with ,suger,h.b. h.c gout. at present i am @ the libary try to obtaine any services that could help me with this problem.PLEASE HELP ME GET OUT OF THIS RUT.

  5. Carol Rose

    I am a senior citizens that has lot her home to fraud, bills are out of hand, I am drowning in debt, collect social security and work part time. I am living with my daughter and cannot pay my bills that have gotten out of hand, or help my daughter for staying with her. I really need help, I am 71 yrs old and have medical issues also.

  6. linda miliem

    I am a senior who just moved to California and now it is time to renew my tags and get my registration done. I am on social security and i barely have enough to get threw the month, but i surely don’t have monies to pay hundreds of dollars to register my vehicle. what do people do in this situation.??????

  7. Philip tolibas

    I am senior citizen stay in brgy. 98, camansihay tacloban city Philippines, and I have a many children’s and I, still slave, I, am only a farmer’s that cannot support in my family needs , in an behalf of our federal law program I, would like to asking assistance to support in my family delay living .

    hoping at all times
    more power more in law
    more life more in God
    Philip m. tolibas

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