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  1. Betty La Flora


    We are disabaled senior citizen need repairs on vehicle,tune up water pump ,front end alignment, brakes,etc. Where can we find money to get repairs done.

    God Bless AMERICA

  2. Gary and Logan

    Hello:I am a U.S.citizen (born and raised) who married a Filipino 12 years ago and adopted Daughter 9 years ago at birth.The adoption is legal under International,Philippine,and U.S.law.Her adoptive”mother and my “wife” illegally sold our home and all belongings (clothes,toys,appliances—everything) 7 years and absconded to the U.S.on a very suspicious visa leaving us with nothing.I was recently able to get my Daughter a B-2 visa to go home but lack financial recourse for plane fare and travel expenses.

    I am 64 almost 65 and on SS total physical disability and receive only enough for us to survive.Do you know any programs that can assist us so we can go home to Florida?Please don’t recommend the U.S.Embassy here as they are known to be of absolutely no help. I love my Daughter with all my heart and am all she has got and would never abandon her. Thank you for your consideration Sincerely Gary and Logan Curteman

  3. Claire INGRAM

    My husband and I came to belize the help our Son in business. I am the one Claire with the work visas we are from British Columbia and have ran into a medical emergency with my husband wondering if you would be able to guide me for some financial help. I Have all medical files which I can digitize and send forward. I beg I need help…………..can be reached in Belize at 501-625-0894 or 668-7878 Please our medical ran out and we found ourselves in dire straits.

    Claire Ingram

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